In a world that asks us to focus on the things that can separate us...politics, religion, ethnicity...A Peace of My Mind encourages us to consider the common humanity that connects us.  Read about the Project

“The photos are powerful in and of themselves, but the stories are what brought peace to my heart.”

– from the exhibit guest book

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    Turn on any television station or read through any newspaper ... and you will find stories of war, violence and despair. It’s true around the world and in our own homes.
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Gone, but still with us

Posted Friday, Feb 5 by John Noltner

Sometimes people touch us for just a brief time, but make a lasting impact on our lives. Some of my best friends live far away. We might not talk often, but I carry them with me through my days, and it does my heart good to simply know they are in the world.I stay in touch with several of the people I have interviewed for A Peace of My Mind,...
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