In a world that asks us to focus on the things that can separate us...politics, religion, ethnicity...A Peace of My Mind encourages us to consider the common humanity that connects us.  Read about the Project

“We have a critical mass of people who want to make the world more peaceful and just, but we haven't figured out how to work together.”

– Lisa Albrecht

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    Turn on any television station or read through any newspaper ... and you will find stories of war, violence and despair. It’s true around the world and in our own homes.
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20 years ago today

Posted Sunday, Apr 19 by John Noltner

When I took our exhibit to New York University in 2013, I drove right by the exit to Newtown, Connecticut. There was a sign for Sandyhook Elementary and there were candles burning in the snow to honor those who had died in the shooting just a few months ago.It got very quiet in the van.At that point, I knew that I wanted to interview...
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