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A big day in Denver

Posted September 22, 2013 @ 8:43pm | by John Noltner

I am excited and proud to announce that A Peace of My Mind has been presented the 2013 Peacebuilder Award by Jovial Concepts in Denver.

Jovial Concepts is an organization dedicated to peace education and awareness. I submitted a proposal for their nation-wide Peace Initiative to complete a project that will create and inspire peace, and A Peace of My Mind was selected as the winner.

I spent the day in Denver yesterday (the International Day of Peace) at an event hosted by Jovial Concepts, meeting new people, displaying a part of the exhibit, and receiving the award.

The award comes with a $5,000 gift, which will be used toward production costs for our new portable exhibit. The exhibit will be brought into schools and community groups to help inspire conversations about how to create a more peaceful world.

I am deeply grateful for the work that Jovial Concepts does, as well as the recognition and support for A Peace of My Mind. Please check out this link to learn more about the work that they are doing.

In fact, in the past two months, A Peace of My Mind has received the support of several organizations that are working together to bring this conversation to a larger audience. We have made significant progress toward our goal to produce the second exhibit, and in the coming weeks I will share more detailed information about each of them. It is a group I am proud to be associated with, and I am grateful for their help as we try to move this project forward and encourage more people to take personal responsibility for creating a more just and peaceful world.

For today, a special thank you to the folks at Jovial Concepts for their recognition and support. A Peace of My Mind is at a tipping point. The snowball is growing, it’s gaining speed, and I couldn’t have done it alone.

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